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From innovative startups to tried and true nationals, SMS marketing has become an incredibly pervasive method of interacting with customers no matter the company involved. Without a doubt, it is easily the current most cutting-edge method of marketing to date that will help build up and grow a company’s customer base. This is done primarily thanks to the established trust that is built, established, and cultivated between the two groups, primarily due to the impressive and exclusive offers and discounts offered.

But it’s one thing to just say that everyone is starting to employ this never version of text advertising. It’s another thing to bring out names. Below, we’ll go over some of the top companies that exist and how they utilize some form of SMS marketing to build up their loyal customer list and fanbase.

Top 3 Brands That Use SMS Marketing & Text Advertising

  1. Express
  2. Tommy Hilfiger
  3. CNN

#1. Express

Express is a prominent fashion retail franchise in America, so it would be expected that they would use SMS marketing to some degree. Here, they use it to send updates and notifications on various exclusive offers and orders that are only available when presented from the SMS message.

Often it will include sending a keyword to the company’s shortcode in order to receive their latest offers. In addition, if you have an issue or need customer support, texting “Help” on your phone can connect you with assistance for an order or any other problem.

#2. Tommy Hilfiger

Next, Tommy Hilfiger is another company that has found itself a huge proponent of text advertisements and SMS marketing. Here, the company has something known of Tommy Texts which is used to alert customers to different promotions and products available. As with Express, they simply need to type in the shortcode prompt number before responding with “Yes” as a form of written consent.

Unlike others, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the unique platforms that promises not to send more than 10 messages per month, ensuring that they only offer the most important updates to you and never bugging you or bothering you.

#3. CNN

Lastly, even the massive news station that is CNN is no stranger to SMS marketing. As a major media company, CNN utilizes different text messages as alerts as well as ways to better interact and communicate with their target audience.

Often, to do this, all a person will need to do is send the message “ALERTS” to their shortcode. And while this won’t open you up to a ton of standard text advertisements, it will offer exclusive breaking news on world events.

These are just 3 great examples of companies relying on and using SMS marketing. That’s because it works. If you’re interested, consider various text advertisement providers like Textedly which focus on giving in-depth coverage and a simplified method of getting started.