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The cetane number of diesel fuel determines the speed at which it burns within an engine and how likely it is to cause self-ignition or pre-ignition, which can damage your engine. Cetane booster are special additives that help increase the cetane number and reduce the likelihood of pre-ignition while also adding lubricity and eliminating the need for leaded fuel in some cases. Keep reading below to learn more about why cetane boosters are important:

1) They help your engine run more smoothly

Cetane boosters help provide a smoother, more stable combustion process when using diesel fuel. The properties of diesel fuel are much smoother and less explosive than gasoline, making it harder to ignite. By adding cetane boosters to a used or older diesel engine, the gas compression and combustion can be improved to make them run better.

2) They boost efficiency

Cetane boosters improve your engine’s fuel economy by increasing the energy content per gallon of diesel you burn. Additive manufacturers claim their products can increase your vehicle’s fuel economy by 4-5%.

3) They minimize engine wear

Easily ignited diesel fuels can result in pre-ignition and engine knock, which lead to serious damage to your engine’s pistons and cylinder walls. Cetane boosters will help reduce both of these issues.

4) They are environmentally friendly

Cetane boosters are not just good for your vehicle but also for the environment. Less black smoke means less air pollution and less particulate matter released into the air. Reducing engine wear also helps keep your vehicle on the road longer.

5) They improve mileage

Cetane boosters can increase your vehicle’s average miles per gallon (MPG) rating by reducing pre-ignition due to subpar fuel. The more efficient burning of the fuel you put in your engine, the better your MPG will be.

6) They help prevent engine failure

Improving mileage and reducing engine knock can help prevent expensive engine repairs or replacements by reducing mechanical failure. Cetane boosters are a great way to boost the performance of older or newer diesel engines and provide many benefits that only they can provide. They’re highly recommended for any vehicle you want to keep on the road for years.


With so many benefits to cetane boosters, the only question remains whether you should use them. The answer is a simple ‘yes’ if you have an older or used vehicle. They will help your engine run more smoothly, boost efficiency, minimize wear, and provide plenty of other benefits.